January 2017

Things Are Picking Up....

Posted on Jan 27, 2017

While fewer and fewer are talking doom and gloom, I have been noticing a significant increase in the construction of new infill homes as I drive around Calgary’s established communities. 

I recently did a walkabout in the Hillhurst, West Hillhurst and Parkdale neighbourhoods and was surprised by the increase in construction activity. Every few blocks...

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Altadore: Calgary's Model 21st Century Inner City Community?

Posted on Jan 25, 2017

While most of Calgary’s established communities within a 10 km radius of downtown have been enjoying a renaissance with new infill residential developments, one of the ones I find the most interesting is Altadore. 

Every time I'm in Altadore showing homes/condo's I develop a greater appreciation for the community’s diversity. I love the little niche...

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Where To Buy in Calgary : The Snowman Index 

Posted on Jan 19, 2017

Driving around Calgary over the last couple of weeks, I have noticed more snowmen in front yards than ever before.  It then occurred to me, perhaps there should be a "Snowman Index" as a measure of community's family friendliness.  

Who wouldn’t want to buy a house in a community that has lots of snowmen?

This idea is not a crazy as you might think. 


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Calgary Dog Parks Foster a Sense of Community 

Posted on Jan 18, 2017

As a dog owner and frequent dog park user, I become more intrigued by how dog parks foster a stronger sense of community than any other public space I know. Most of my experience has been at the West Hillhurst Dog Park or River Park in Altadore, which until recently, I thought were dog parks. But apparently, a dog park is “a fully fenced and gated...

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Real Estate Purchase and Sale Agreements 

Posted on Jan 06, 2017 in General Real Estate

When buying or selling a home, one of the most important documents you will have is the Agreement of Purchase and Sale, also commonly referred to as the “Offer”. This legally binding contract will outline in detail everything from the purchase price, closing arrangements and conditions to titles and chattels. It is always best to have a lawyer go t...

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