Real Property Reports (RPR) 

What is a RPR Real Property Report?

In Calgary, a real property report with City of Calgary compliance is an important document that is generally required to be supplied by the seller of a house or bare land condo before title transfer (and payment) takes place.A real property report is a survey of the land that shows improvements (all buildings, fences, patios etc) as well as boundaries and compliance with municipal requirements. 

Once completed by an Alberta Land Surveyor, the real property report must be reviewed and endorsed by the municipality.Sellers are encouraged to have one done as early as possible - when you first consider selling your home - so that they have the opportunity to remedy any problems that may arise from the report. If, for example, a fence is found to be in the wrong location it is often easier and less expensive to move the fence that apply and pay for an encroachment agreement.How much does a real property report cost in the City of Calgary?

Prices can vary widely, depending on the surveyor and size of property. A basic Real Property Report in Calgary starts at approximately $550 and will cost more for estate-sized homes and larger lots. An RPR generally takes about 2 weeks to complete, although most companies offer a 7 day "rush" for an extra $200.Once in your hands, you must get the blue compliance stamp! For 2016, the City of Calgary charges $169 for a residential single parcel compliance stamp (it was $158 in 2014, $143 in 2012 and $101 in 2011). Most survey companies will get the compliance for you (and charge you a courier fee of $50-$100) or you can visit the City of Calgary Development and Building unit on the 3rd floor at City Hall and get it done in person. The good news is the in-person process can sometimes be done very quickly! In March of 2016, I was able to park my car, get the compliance from a booth on the 3rd floor of City Hall and be back to my car in 21 minutes! For more information, check out this brochure from the Alberta Land Surveyors' Association