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Inner city new home buyers guide – 10 tips when buying an infill

Calgary inner city new homes buyers tipsThere are several items of critical importance when you buy a new inner city home. Buying a new home in the inner city is an important decision for not only your family and their way of life but also financially.It is important to get the best advice, have professional representation and make sure you have all the information available to base your decisions on. I have compiled this list of 10 tips to make sure you are getting the best value and the best new inner city home in Calgary for your needs.
  1. Visit the lot in the morning, afternoon and evening to understand how much light it gets
  2. Confirm the traffic routes, bus routes and drive time to work from your inner city community
  3. Research the builder, what is their history?
  4. Get a home inspection for peace of mind and a second opinion
  5. Verify the warranty details and try to negotiate a longer comprehensive warranty
  6. Ask for extra paint, carpet, hardwood leftovers
  7. Ask for a detailed list of materials used
  8. Confirm fencing and landscaping
  9. Change the locks once you take possession
  10. Get everything between you and the builder in writing